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Located on state highway 95, in a wayside park 1 mile north of state highway 96

Directions: Travel north on Route 95 out of Stillwater. After the junction of Highways 95 and 96, continue about 1 mile north. Take the next right after the Boom Site Marina (private). There is a road sign indicating "Scenic Overlook, Geological Marker". Pull into the parking area. Marker is situated at the overlook, looking south over the St. Croix River.

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The site of this tablet marks the northern limit of Lake St. Croix, impounded by the natural dam of sand and gravel, made by the Mississippi where it is joined by the St. Croix River, twenty miles below Stillwater. The valley, with its steep banks, is typical of youthful topography—of a young stream—and its size, compared with the river, indicates that a much larger volume of water flowed here when the St. Croix was an outlet of Glacial Lake Duluth, the ancestor of Lake Superior. The highway and picnic grounds occupy a river terrace on which the river flowed at an earlier stage. The rock walls of the valley are chiefly sandstone formed in the sea when it covered Minnesota during the Cambrian period 500 million years ago. Because of the thickness of the beds and the excellence of the exposures along the river, these formations, wherever they appear in North America, are known as the St. Croixian series.

Erected by the Geological Society of Minnesota in cooperation with the Department of Highways, State of Minnesota. 1950

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STILLWATER REGION Stillwater 45° 4' 55.2" N, 92° 47' 25.8" W

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St. Croix River Valley


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