Marker Treasure Hunt

Geology Markers Along the Highways
Geological Society of Minnesota


The GSM Marker Team has a plan to find and review the status of all geological markers in Minnesota. You are invited to be a part of it!  Sign up for the Marker Treasure Hunt!  You will receive information throughout the summer.  We'll celebrate our accomplishments at the Fall Banquet. 

Since 1949, the GSM has installed over 60 markers describing geological features around Minnesota in some of the most beautiful parts of the state.  While we are proud of this accomplishment, the markers have been neglected over the past decade and some have actually disappeared!  We want to change this with your help! 

To springboard this program, we are creating a “Marker Treasure Hunt”, enlisting GSM volunteers to find and catalog all of the markers this year. This will be launched at the GSM Spring Banquet:

Treasure Hunt:

  • Begin with a list of present marker information on the GSM website to be made available to GSM members, in the style of the MHS book: “Minnesota History Along the Highways”
  • Invite all GSM members to choose a marker or multiple markers to visit this summer.
  • Find lost or damaged markers: some are missing or moved, directions may be sketchy and inaccurate, and some may have disappeared under mysterious circumstances!
  • Ask members to collect specific, detailed information about each marker: road directions for finding the markers, GPS coordinates, photos and report on conditions and repair needs.
  • Post the information on the GSM website with regular updates to enrich the data


  • Fulfil the charter of our organization to Minnesota citizens
  • Increase geology interest and content among students, teachers and tourists
  • Provide publicity for the GSM organization
  • Maintain existing markers and  plan for the placement of  new ones
  • For new recreational interests: ex. add markers to geo-caching web-sites

The Marker Team:  Becky Galkiewicz, Alan Smith, Dick Bottenberg, Ed Steffner, Dan Japuntich, Theresa Tweet
Geological Society of Minnesota

Collecting information about Geology Markers

Marker name



Location:  City, County, Park (state, county or local if applicable)



How would you describe to someone else how to find the marker?  What is it near?  Help us improve the road directions.



What is the condition of the marker?



What are the GPS coordinates of the marker? 



Any difficulty finding the marker?  Was it missing?



Take some photos of the marker and its surroundings, also any damage that may have occurred.